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I'm still alive

5:17pm on Saturday 4th February 2017

I'm still alive! It seems like only a week ago since I last posted, but it's actually been like a month! I've been so so busy recently doing all sorts of things. Here are a few of them.


Sam brought his electric skateboard to Cambridge this term, and we spent an hour or so playing on it. There are some videos below of us being super pro-electric skateboard riders. Turning was done manually, but the motor is controlled by a remote, which kind of reminded me of Skalectrix (or however it's spelled!). Sam brought his camera and glide cam, and wanted to be filming while riding the board, to make some smooth moving shots. However, it was quite difficult to film and press the trigger at the same time, so one of ran alongside with the controller!

Rosie and I made a very ambitious cake that was supposed to look like a hedgehog, with lots of chocolate and flakes for spines. We started buying ingredients in sainsburys at 7:30pm, and didn't finish decorating the cake until 1am!! There were a few moments where we thought we had ruined it (for example, when the cake fell apart as we turned it out of the tin), but it ended up actually looking like a hedgehog. It tasted great too!

I'm sadly not part of the SSCSU Ents team anymore, but I still needed to help out at the first bop of term (as a kind of handover), which was mostly organised by the new Ents team. It was fun doing Ents stuff again, but with less pressure and responsibility about the whole thing. Here's a video from the end of the night, with the obligatory Mr Brightside. Also is a video of a timelapse I filmed through my bedroom window.

Over the past term or so, Sam and I have been filming most of the Ents events and slowly putting the footage together. Today we finally finished our montage, and I'm really proud of it, both the filming/editing and the events themselves! It's going to be a great memory of my time behind SidEnts. We uploaded to the Facebook page, and lots of people seem to like it!

I'm finding my lecture courses this term more interesting overall than last term. My favourite at the moment is 'Advanced Graphics', which at the moment has been teaching us how to write code that runs on GPUs, using a standard called OpenGL. Joe and I have been spending a lot of time getting frustrated with it, but here are some of the satisfying things we've managed to render using the graphics card.

Yesterday I went to formal with Alex, Anna, Joe, and 6 of Anna's friends from Jesus college. It was actually really fun, and we're planning on going to a Jesus formal together at some point later this term. The food was great too.

The last section of this post is dedicated to my Venus fly trap, which has flowered today. I took some edgy pictures of it

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